October 12, 2016


Georgia Amison is Through To The Ocean Man World Championship


HUUB sponsored Open Water Swimmer Georgia Amison is through to the Ocean Man World Championship Final in Benidorm on 16th October and we are egging her on, every stroke of the way. 

Georgia is 19 and already well accomplished as an Elite Open Water Swimmer.  She lives and trains in Leicester and we are proud to have her as part of the HUUB family.  Here she shares with us her journey to Benidorm and how she has worked hard to make it to that last final 10km.



“It has been a very long and difficult season. I have been managing a shoulder injury and building the strength back up in it whilst competing, which has been painful but has also been much harder work. My shoulder injury was a shoulder impingement and muscle fatigue caused by a muscle imbalance, which can be very painful.

The qualifier race for the Ocean Man Open Water World Championship Final was at Lake Orta in Italy. I had to finish in the top 10 females to qualify for the final in Benidorm. The race was 14km and went the full length of the lake, which was by far the most emotionally, and physically draining race I have ever competed in. It was also the furthest distance in one race I have ever done. 

When I placed 4th and qualified I was hugely relieved; it felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I had spent 5 months of kick and rehab building up to the race and I had done my job to qualify with only using my shoulder in training for a couple of weeks. So it literally lifted a weight from my shoulders!

After the race in Italy I took a huge blow mentally as that particular race had drained me so much that self-doubt took over. I personally sufferer very badly with post-race depression. So after Italy, I was struggling to train and I was finding it hard to motivate myself. It was tough going to overcome this as I felt I needed to take a few days to a week off to get back into my training but as it was mid-season I was unable to do this.



It has been a tough transition in training this year as I have moved swimming clubs to aid my training. This year I also came to the end of my A-levels and was faced with having to decide if and where I wanted to go to University. This was all playing out alongside my training 5 days a week; training twice a day and swimming between 6-8km per session, as well as trying to build strength in my shoulder with physio.

It has only been the last few weeks that I have managed to crack my shoulder injury where I have been getting no pain while training. Last week at the Swim Serpentine British Open Water Championships I came 2nd in the 3.3km race which I was happy with because I had no reaction from my shoulder. I feel if I was able to train more without carrying an injury I could have gone one better, but I am happy with my Silver.

My shoulder is now getting stronger each day and I am able to train more in preparation for the race in Benidorm. I know it will be tough. I know the course from having swum it last year in the European Championship Final where I placed in 3rd position. It is one of those courses that can make or break swimmers because there is no shelter from the mainland. This means the wind can pick up causing a big swell and the current can get very strong the further we get out to sea.

Sometimes I feel like I put too much pressure on myself because I don’t want to let everybody down who supports me. With all the support I have had from HUUB, Direct Nutrition and Dryrobe as well as my parents, family and close friends they have all helped me overcome a lot of things and helped to motivate me.

My target for this race is to enjoy it and to do my best for my coaches, sponsors and family. It is hard to predict open water races as the weather can constantly change on the day. Personally I prefer swimming in slightly rougher waters compared to flat and calm waters. And so I would like to think I could finish on the podium but we shall see what happens on the day.”

Here at HUUB we are right behind you Georgia, so all the very best of luck on race day!


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