July 12, 2018


The Albacore Swimskin is 220 Triathlon's Best on Test

Albacore Swimskin

Scoring an impressive 90%, 220 Triathlon magazine's final verdict was “expensive, but comfortable and rapid through the water.” Their independent pool tests including countless 100m repeats noted a significant efficiency improvement of 3 seconds per 100 meters, plus a slight stroke rate improvement.


Our tests by Swimsmooth’s Paul Newsome on our M.A.D System (Measure of Active Drag) with Professor Huub Toussaint) showed that this swimskin could reduce wasted energy and improve stroke efficiency of up to 4.5 seconds per 100m thanks to the Constrictor System.

The Albacore Swimskin was born from "the relentless quest for speed." The combination of our industry expertise, unmatched hydrodynamics knowledge and the ability to test products far beyond any other triathlon or swimwear company has resulted in a fast and efficient, scientifically developed piece of swim engineering.

Albacore Swimskin


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