March 09, 2018


Get 20% Off Fuel For Sport Meals

Fuel For Sport are developed to provide core nutrition for active sports people who want a convenient way to eat a nutritionally balanced meal. These speedy meals compromise neither taste nor quality, created by a Masterchef finalist alongside experienced dieticians. High in protein and low in sugar with a 12-month shelf life these meals are perfect for the sports bag as they do not require refrigeration.

This new ready-to-eat food product is aimed at active sports people, such as triathletes. The development process of these meals has been overseen by food professionals who have been able to create a nutritionally balanced product with 480 – 538 calories per meal, less than 5% fat, and 28g - 40g of protein.

Every now and again we come across amazing products. Fuel For Sport is a passionate friend of HUUB, and they've asked us to pass on the menu and share their special offer of 20% off and free postage (on orders of 4 units or more).

For 20% off use code HUUB20 when ordering via the Fuel For Sport website.

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