April 07, 2017


Because We Know You Are Different

We know Men and Women are different so our Mens and Womens suits are completely different in construction and thinking. 

The Fastest Wetsuit For Sinky Legs


The HUUB Aerious // takes the ever popular Aerious wetsuit to a new level of of buoyancy and flexibility. We know and understand that leg sinking athletes (85% of triathletes from a none swimming background) need unprecedented levels of hip and thigh lift combined with unparalleled flexibility in the upper body. The Aerious // delivers a perfect balance that leaves this suit unmatched by its rivals.

This super flexible and buoyant wetsuit features a redesigned underarm gusset which offers a 13% modulus improvement to your swim reach and a 32% buoyancy increase over standard and aero-dome neoprenes. Along with a high comfort low tension neck, speed cut cuffs and ankles and breakaway zipper for faster removal, this is the fastest wetsuit on the market for those of us with 'sinky legs'.



Delivering A True Performance Benefit


We know and understand that Women triathletes are the total opposite to Male when it comes to body buoyancy. Female athletes benefit with a naturally better flotation and body alignment. The HUUB Atana wetsuit delivers a suit that harnesses this natural ability and doesn't hinder.

This Swimsmooth Enhanced wetsuit is designed for Kicktastic & Bambino swim types with a silky smooth inner liner and features a 1.5mm underarm gusset which further aids your swim reach. Along with a high comfort low tension neck, speed cut cuffs & ankles and breakaway zipper for faster removal, when the fastest female swimmer in triathlon wanted a suit to meet her needs, Lucy Charles chose the HUUB Atana wetsuit.



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