May 29, 2018


Imagine if you could get a World Cup T-Shirt from your favourite triathlon brand?

World Cup T-Shirt

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July. It will be the first World Cup held in Europe since the 2006 tournament in Germany. Who would have thought that British triathlon brand HUUB who specialise in triathlon wetsuits, clothing and accessories would produce a World Cup t-shirt?

HUUB’s owner, Dean Jackson, commented: “We all love a good sporting occasion, and while the football World Cup isn’t our world of power meters, aerodynamics, and swim sets, it starts to feel a little patriotic. So rather than donning a sweaty polyester footie shirt, we think we would join in with a well deserved HUUB ‘Russian-esque’ t-shirt. This doesn’t mean we are now lovers of the round synthetic leather… But a few beers in front of the competitive arena can surely be classed as recovery!”

The stylish limited edition, soft feel cotton t-shirt’s are made of 100% combed cotton, and you can order yours online.

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