May 08, 2018


SwimRun training, tips, and kit!


SwimRun races. What could be simpler? You swim then run, then swim, then run, then swim, then… well you get the picture. What started as a mad idea in Scandinavia, racing across an archipelago, has taken off over here. So let’s help you get race ready…

Advice for doing your first SwimRun

We won't lie to you. SwimRun is fun but the courses are long, and so it takes commitment.  

Help training for SwimRun

If you have spent all your racing career as a triathlete, getting used to running with a partner will take some adjusting.

Tips for SwimRun training with a partner


Auron SwimRun Wetsuit

Auron SwimRun Wetsuit

Our new SwimRun suit with all the key features, quality and performance you would expect, but at an extremely reasonable price of £249.99. You’ll get a flexible, double-faced nylon suit, with abrasion resistant rear panel for rock slide durability, front zip access, pockets and our exclusive 3:5 buoyancy.



Amphibia SwimRun Wetsuit

Amphibia // SwimRun Wetsuit

We believe we have created the definitive SwimRun suit with feedback from World Champions and enthusiastic newcomers alike. After making both subtle and significant changes from the original Amphibia, we can now ensure comfort is maximised, and the buoyancy is balanced for the transition from water to land.



Big Buoy 4

Big Buoy 4

The Big Buoy 4 offers a massive 34 newtons, compared to a standard pull buoy that on average is just 17 newtons. For athletes training for wetsuit swims the Big Buoy 4 is the perfect training partner and allows swimmers to simulate the leg lift offered by HUUB wetsuits.



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