October 02, 2017


Yvonne Van Vlerken Takes The Win At IRONMAN BARCELONA

Yes I know I did a full 3 weeks ago, but when you do every single little thing correct, you sleep a lot, eat healthy and don’t train to much, it can be that your 2nd Ironman is even better then the one before. I have experienced this several times and it was the case this time as well.

Since winnning Challenge Almere and becoming European Champion I have been on a huge high, I recovered faster then ever ( thanks to the loving care of my mum prior and after the race, read, she spoiled me and did everything for me, thank you so much mum and dad!) I had a hard time to get calm and had to use breathing exercises and meditation to in a way stay calm.

I just feel in the shape of my life at the moment and I knew going in to IM Barcelona I would have a good race and would have a splendid run if needed.

So a happy Vonsy as she was going to race where she wanted and that was IM Barcelona. My swim was 4,5 minutes faster then 2 years ago. Yes partly because I have worked so hard on my weakest discipline but also because of my new Partner HUUB.

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