Ex-Demo Aegis Fullsuit Womens

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We felt it about time that the female wetsuit was more than a sculptured mens suit designed with curves and patterns that simply fit the female form. We felt it was time to look further into the needs of the female athlete when swimming.

Ladies, you are different, yep , dont say we are not a sharp bunch here at Huub. We know you are smarter, brighter and totally more caring than your fellow men. But we also noted a few other differences: You have less dense muscles, you have a much less tendency to have a leg sinking swim style and you certainly dont need those more super hero style looking suits.

The Unique buoyancy levels of the Aegis allows the swimmer to maintain an effective kick and waterline position designed to maximise flow around the body and improve swim speed by not lifting the body too high out the water.

 Aegis Size Chart


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