HUUB Triathlon Swim Bundle

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HUUB Dry Bag - £79.99

The versatile HUUB 30 litre dry bag offers a dry alternative to your current back pack. Ideal for commuters and athletes needing a water and poolside bag that’s safe for commuting in all weather.

HUUB Acute Triathlon Goggle Grey with Yellow Lens - £24.99

Finding great goggles isn't easy so here at HUUB we tested endless moulds and options to find a goggle that we felt delivered comfort and vision with soft lenses keeping the face safe from those "In water" tussles.

We approached one of the worlds leading soft lens goggle manufacturers and researched endless frames to end up with the multi sized "Acute" goggle.

The HUUB Acute goggle is the number one choice for the professional athlete as well as the age group competitor.

HUUB Towel - £19.99

Now we would not be exactly telling the truth if we said we had spent hours researching and testing this product. But we did enjoy focusing on the right size towel for the triathlete/swimmer. Too big and it get's left in the cupboard, too small and again, the cupboard wins. And if we had not used the best quality materials, the cupboard has a new friend for life!

The size is optimum for the transition area, as well as trasition bag size and the finish is quick drying with non of the "Drying myself with a dry chamois" you so hate from typical printed towels.

HUUB Key Chain - £4.99

A scaled down version of the world fastest triathlon wetsuit, the Archimedes.

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